What’s the best ‘back to work’ model? There isn’t one.

By: Nikki Kimberg, Change specialist

What’s the best ‘back to work’ model?  There isn’t one.

As we come near to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic companies are coming out of this ordeal with the knowledge that the world of work will never be the same and are in the throes of defining their “what’s next.” 

Determining this is easier said than done; with the what, when, where and how of work all up for debate; and with far reaching consequences for any route a company chooses to take. There is no utopia or accepted best practice. Seeking advice is met with a shrugging of shoulders because even those in the know are telling us that there is no one size fits all. Companies need to work out what works for their business and their people (and these may not necessarily be one and the same thing). 

The companies that navigate this thorny ground will be those that see this time as an opportunity to come together to reflect, question things, build afresh and reinvent, taking all factors into consideration, but most importantly ensuring their solution reflects their DNA; faithful above all else to their purpose, vision and values. In this way, even if the change is radical, it will also be a rational and natural evolution of the brand and therefore more readily accepted by employees. 

We are supporting our clients with building and communicating their new world of work strategy, ensuring it is consistent with who they are and what they stand for. Reach out if you need help with yours.