Today's Lesson: Alignment

By: Karl Shannon, Senior Creative

Today's Lesson: Alignment

“Daddy, why are we walking so fast?”

I can’t blame the length of my five year old’s legs. We’re late for school simply because we left late.

But how? I was so organised.

Cheerios in bowls by 6:45. Mango chopped (a horrible job) by 7.

Washing up done by half past. It was my first pre-school routine since July, but this was textbook (pun intended).

“I’m having a shower, kids. Here are your clothes and toothbrushes.”

I came out of the bathroom expecting two schoolchildren, ready to go.

Instead, I had a vicar (still wearing nightie) hosting the cross-species wedding of the year – between a bunny and a giraffe (love is love I guess). My son however, was dressed for school. But only his top half. His bottom half was completely naked.

There lies my schoolboy mistake (pun intended): I had my own plan, my own goal, but I did too little to communicate the urgency or importance of what my kids had to do – and how everyone’s role was vital in avoiding getting in the late book. By one minute.

And that was communicating to just two people. Imagine an entire organisation without a clear idea of how they fit into a common plan. That’s why I’ve worked on dozens of strategies over my 15 years at Avvio Reply, using up pad after pad to create clear (and engaging) strategies for our clients.

Employee alignment is one of our specialties.

Making sure your strategy has legs longer than my five year old’s.