Measuring Success - It's More Than Metrics

By: Richard Jacob, Senior Account Manager

Measuring Success - It's More Than Metrics

You understood the client’s needs. You put in the time, the hard work and of course, delivered within budget. The campaign was a success. But just how successful?

When it comes to measuring campaign success, we’re blessed these days. With all sorts of useful data tools that cover everything from emails opened to event attendance, we’ve got all we need.

Curveball. We believe success isn’t all down to data. It’s about smiles. Conversations. Interactions. Or the power of the relationships formed.

It’s not the isolated, standalone activations that maintain the buzz of a campaign. It’s the regular, consistent communications, like pulse surveys and cascade events, that help to grow it.

To successfully engage with the workforce the campaign must have trust, authenticity and most of all be given time. Over time all relationships grow and then actions start to speak louder than words and spreadsheets.

If you are planning any large internal comms campaigns this year, ask yourself this:

Will you take the time to listen to your workforce? Will you update them regularly and learn how the company’s principles and values work for them? Will you try new approaches, regularly and give the campaigns time to embed and grow?

After that you have our permission to open the bubbly and get out the charts and spreadsheets…