December Do’s (And Don’ts)

By: Karl Shannon, Senior Creative

December Do’s (And Don’ts)

The orange leaves have blown away from my Instagram feed.

This means December is well and truly here.

This year, I aim to get December right.


1. The day after the Do

I’m taking the morning off. I can still join the post-party debrief in the afternoon. And probably get more done in a half day as a human than a whole day as a zombie.


2. Music

To Buble or not to Buble? That is the question. And my answer is: if you must. Fun fact: Too much festive music will cause the office stereo to explode, then play Marilyn Manson.


3. Sweater in a sweater

I’ll be prepared for a costume change. Chances are the office will become too warm for 8 hours of nylon.


4. Shopping at lunch

Online shopping is part and ahem... parcel of the run in. But a lunchbreak in front of the laptop isn’t a break.

I’m spending mine strolling – not scrolling.


5. Share

I don’t mean showing off your gifts from clients on social media. Do a festive coffee round. Bring in a panna cotta. We’re sharing all the Celebrations – not just the Bountys and Milky Ways.


Happy December!