Competitive Advantage In Retail

By: Sonia Dandy-Bee, BU Manager

Competitive Advantage In Retail

What’s the answer to competitive advantage in retail? Customer Experience? Well, yes. But Customer Experience is only one of three factors in retail success. Consider this equation:

X + Y + Z = Sales success

If X is Customer Experience, what’s Y and Z? Any type of retail innovation and transformation programme is underpinned by employees. But often, the employee experience (Y) is left as an after-thought. A major oversight ….as employees play a massive role in contributing to a positive customer experience. Not just customer-facing employees, but roles right across the business. 

Similarly, the opportunities that automation technologies (Z) provide for improved customer experience is huge. But not all customers value automation in the same way.

Want to see how a coordinated and joined–up transformation plan for automation and employee experience could improve your customer experience?

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