A Reason To Be…. Why?

By: Katie Huyton, Senior Account Manager

A Reason To Be…. Why?

We’ve all been there – nine to five, day in, day out. What’s the point? What’s it all for? Why am I here? Surely there’s more to life than work?

Well yes there is, but most of us have a mortgage to pay, children to fund, that cruise which isn’t going to pay for itself, so buck up and suck it up and get on with it.

Bit of a bleak picture isn’t it? And frankly you don’t want a workforce that’s just sucking it up and getting on with it. You want a motivated, happy to be there workforce.

One with a common sense of purpose and a commitment to your collective goal. Evidence suggests that a happy workforce performs better and the company makes more money! Happy people … More money. Result all round!

At our recent Insiders event in a top secret London location we discussed how to achieve that special place.

It was a lively discussion with lots of great examples of how it can be done, but also how sometimes it can be more of a hindrance than a help.

The main points that came out of our discussions were:

IT ROLLS DOWNHILL. Company purpose needs to flow from the top – a committed and credible leader makes it easy for staff to believe in a purpose

NOT MY PRIORITY. Things can stall at the middle management level

NOT NOW MATE. Your business needs to be in the right place to launch a new purpose. Don’t give me this higher purpose when we can’t even cope with the day-to-day

LIVING IT. Building that purpose into the whole employee lifecycle will maximise it’s chance of success.

So as with most things, there is no “ta da” one thing you can do to get your workforce on board, but it is a multi-faceted approach that will give you the best return.

We have a great purpose here at Avvio Reply: Partnering with business to design the future workplace and to help organisations and employees achieve more.

Yes, it could be punchier, but it’s something we passionately believe in. So if purpose is something you’re thinking about for your organisation, give us a call and we can chew the fat and talk about the meaning of life.